Our Taxi fleet has been present at key locations around the city bringing the app message all over town, where thousands celebrated with of live music and motor sports. Fan fest spread over eight blocks in downtown Austin.

We calculate more than 9.5 Million Impressions across the flight for driving significant exposure on top of additional national signage.

Back to school is already big in for school celebrations and parties in Sixth avenue and other parts of Downtown get sometime thousands of visitors.

Partnering for SXSW: On it’s 30th year, SXSW will feature more than 12 days of industry conferences, four-day trade show, and more than 6 days of and nine-day film festival with more than 400 film screening.


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Kettle One Taxi Top Advertising

SXSW 2015 March 13-27 was historic. SXSW continues to be an extraordinary celebration of the Tech, Music and Film. More than 40,000 registrars and 140,000 visitors from all over the world!

On it’s 29th year, SXSW featured more than 12 days of industry conferences, four-day trade show, and more than 6 days of and nine-day film festival with more than 400 film screening. Ketel one presence in Nolet’s private events and our Taxi Fleet with a total of 26,320,000 Impressions for Ketel One

»Sixth Street,

» Downtown/Capital,

» Austin Bergstorm Airport,

» Austin International Airport,

» Circuit of the Americas Fan Fest,

»Hotel and Accommodation around the city,

» Bar congress, The blackheart, Peche, Eastside Showroom,

» Hyde Park, East River Side.

Taxi Media Solutions will continue delivering eye-level impact day and night. Highlight Diageo brands increasing brand awareness with highly targeted message where people shop and play! Taxi Tops following lifestyle patterns of the a great Austin consumer population.

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Crown Royal Taxi Top Advertising

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Taxi Media Solutions Join The pact

For the third consecutive year, Austin hosted the U.S Grand Prix. From the moment that visitors step of the plane, Johnnie Walker adverts and checkered flags were embraced by the city.

With our test, Johnnie Walker drove awareness around the brand's "Join the Pact" responsible drinking program and helped preventing drunk driving making a great connection with Taxi Media.

The circuit three day attendance estimate rounds the 237,000 making it one of the highest attendance events in Austin after SXSW!

In addition JW had events in the city with House of Walker and activation in fan fest making a great connection with all media.


● Our Taxi fleet was present all three days at the packed Fan Fe...

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Crecerá turismo de convenciones

Durante 2015 la industria de congresos y convenciones de carácter internacional en México podría crecer entre 15 y 17%, con alrededor de 180 eventos y la asistencia de más de 100,000 extranjeros al país, estimó el Banco de Talento

El año pasado, México recibió 150 congresos internacionales, con alrededor de 70,000 extranjeros que acudieron a estos eventos, esto de acuerdo con datos de la International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

Luis Valls, director del Banco de Talento, aseguró que este año la cifra podría situarse entre 175 y 180 eventos, toda vez que México se ha posici...

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For the fourth consecutive year, Austin will host the U.S. Grand Prix, part of the Formula 1 world championship. This prime event is now established in the city and has all the ingredients to deliver a fun action exciting weekend . More than a quarter million people — 80 percent from outside Texas and many from Europe, Asia, and South America will bring the city alive with an incredible vibe. From Thursday to Sunday, millions of dollars will be spent in bars and restaurant receipts. High-spending visitors from the US and the world will experience speed, glamour, shopping and all the spoils that come with a great weekend of Formula One racing. Also F1 race brings exciting exclusive parties and concerts around town. Parties such as t...

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